Supervisors consider tpa 5/20

Planning Commission draft is losing credibility - facing challenges to assumptions and models of fiscal and traffic impact

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The 2019 Comp Plan was passed and there is plenty of reporting on it. We will periodically comment on specific issues and monitor compliance.

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The Envision Loudoun process ran for about two years, producing a draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan which was published May 7, 2018. It added about 1,400 homes in the Transition Policy Area to the previous plan. This, in effect would have increased the density in the undeveloped area of the TPA by about 25%, The county's Planning Commissioners then took over the plan as part of the process, and modified it drastically. Instead of adding 14 hundred additional homes to the TPA plan, they added over 14 THOUSAND. For the county as a whole, they added about 26,000 to the previous comprehensive plan, for a total of 56,000 new homes between 2021 and 2040.

On Wednesday night April 3, the Board of Supervisors took over. The first thing they saw was the Housing Demand Study which drove the Planning Commission's work; followed by fiscal and traffic models predicting the outcome. A brief, critical look at those models is here ("Loudoun Models"). A more detailed look at the Traffic model is on our Traffic page. Some supervisors expressed considerable skepticism about certain assumptions in the models, especially regarding traffic and the need for Loudoun to absorb a disproportionate share of the region's growth needs.

finally. the board of supervisors will try to pull all this together and decide. they will meet May 20 AND June 1. we urge them to go slow on making any decisions that alter the landscape forever, without being sure of the facts, assumptions, and consequences.

A member of our team attended or observed all the Planning Commission worksessions from the time May 2018 to the present. Read his raw notes "How the Stakeholder draft of May 2018 morphed into the Commissioner's draft of March 2019" here ("Evolution of Loudoun 2040").

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